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How to Get Rid of Head Lice? Home Remedies for Head Lice

How to Get Rid of Head Lice? Home Remedies for Head Lice. It's brought on by infestation together with the human head louse, Pediculus humanus capitis, and it's generally quite itchy. Lice are very small insects that feed on human blood. The female louse attaches her eggs (nits) to the bottom of the hair close to the entire scalp, as well as the nits hatch 7-10 days afterwards.

Head lice can occur in anyone, but kids aged 3-11 are likely to become infested. All socioeconomic groups may be impacted, and infestation isn't related to the cleanliness of their surroundings or the individual. Curled hair are changed less frequently than people that have smoother hair types, as the louse's claws are able to get particular hair types more than others, people that have lessons. Additionally, girls are much more than likely to get head lice than boys, perhaps since they have a tendency to have longer hair. Head lice infestations are generally found in scenarios in which there's close personal contact, for example house, schools, playgrounds, sports, and camp. Exclusively blood that is human is eaten by lice. Hence, other creatures and pets don't spread the disease.

Head Lice Infestation: Causes

Get Rid of Head Lice
mayonnaise for head lice

Lice are extremely easily spread, generally through close personal contact. Any one of the three kinds of lice may cause lice infestation:

  • Pubic lice are spread primarily through sexual contact and are extremely infectious. Many individuals become infected after one exposure to an infected individual. The lice and eggs could also endure long enough on personal things like towels or clothes to be spread to someone else.
  • Body lice are usually spread by contact with personal items, especially clothes and hats. They're from time to time spread by direct personal contact.
  • Pets can not disperse them to individuals and do not get head lice. Read also : How to Get Rid of a Headache Fast and Sore Throat.

How Are Head Lice Diagnosed?

Assessing your own hair for lice, close to the entire scalp
Assessing your own hair for nits, close to the entire scalp

Running a fine toothed lice comb through your own hair beginning from the entire scalp, to get nits and lice

If white flakes stick to hair by seeing it's possible for you to discern between nits and dandruff flakes. If they do, they are likely nits. Dandruff is not difficult to eliminate.

Head lice are infectious. If one individual in your family has them, others may also. It is advisable to assess for signs of lice in everyone every day or two.


Head lice infestations are very common among kids in camps, childcare facilities, schools, and playgrounds. They seem to be on the increase, and are the second most common communicable health problem in kids, following the common cold. Kids are impacted although everyone can get head lice. Girls as well as girls are more susceptible than guys and boys. Although American black kids are not as likely to get head lice than Hispanic or white children, the prevalence is rising, especially in black kids with thick hair, hair extensions, or wrappings. To the curled, elliptical hair shafts of blacks head lice have accommodated their claws in Africa. Neither regular brushing or shampooing nor hair span impacts the probability of a head lice infestation.

In general body lice infestations appear in crowded, unsanitary facilities, like prisons and refugee or military camps. They normally are related to poor personal hygiene, as may happen during war or natural disasters or in chilly climates.

Managing Head Lice

  • Heat will kills any live lice. Wash it in hot water, bedding or ironing clothing will kill lice.
  • Usage of steam cleaning carpeting or pesticide bombs isn't needed. Vacuuming is not insufficient.
  • You can place soft toys or alternative items which can't ironed or be washed into a plastic bag, and leave these in the sun for set or can days. Read : Ways to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids and Body Odor Removal.

Best 12 Ways to Get Rid of Lice Fast, Naturally and Easy At Home

1. Home remedies for head lice #1: Tea Tree Oil and Olive Oil

Olive oil as well as both tea tree oil helps to stop the lice as they've properties that are insecticide. This helps to remove readily and will even loosen the holding of nits to your hair.


Olive oil
Tea tree oil


  • Combine olive oil with tea tree oil
  • Apply it by rubbing this oil in the affected area.
  • Rinse your hair for just 2 times to remove the oil in your hair and rinse your hair with vinegar to eliminate the difficulty.
  • Eventually comb your hair to eliminate the remaining lice
  • Continue the procedure which helps to stop the lice.
  • Finally comb your hair to remove the remaining lice
  • Repeat regularly until results are visible.

2. Home remedies for head lice #11: Custard Apple Seeds

Home Remedies for Head Lice

By making its powder, use custard apple seeds. Add considerable quantity of water to turn the powder into a paste with heavy consistency you will apply on your own own scalp for overnight. Clean your hair with a gentle shampoo the subsequent day. This treatment is powerful on dandruff too.

3. Home remedies for head lice #3: Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is oily from moving about freely, which prevents their multiplication, in nature which ceases lice. For fast results, clean your own hair with apple cider vinegar. Apply coconut oil completely onto your hair and scalp, when your hair gets dried. Using a shower cap, cover your affected area/head then leave it on for eight hours. Next morning, rinse with cold water. Repeat this procedure on a daily basis for up to a week to get rid of lice. As a way to make this treatment more efficient, you can add several drops of anise essential oil to the coconut oil.

4. Home remedies for head lice #4: Olive Oil

Based on Roberta MacPhee and Joan Sawyer, writers of the novel Head Lice to Dead Lice, olive oil is an ideal agent. They say the oil thus kills them and helps to suffocate lice. It's discovered to kill just mature lice, while there have been quite a few testimonials saying this treatment works, and doesn't influence the eggs of the lice. This may cause a return of the infestation.

The best way to use it: Take some olive oil and apply it on your own kid's hair, concentrating on the entire scalp. Make your son or daughter wear a shower cap and make the oil in overnight.

5. Home remedies for head lice #5: White Vinegar

Spray the hair with an equivalent volume of water and vinegar and let it soak for a couple hours. You can start to dip lice comb in vinegar after that comb through hair 1 section at a time. Read also : How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast and Stuffy Nose.

6. Home remedies for head lice #6: Heat

Heat is a guaranteed strategy to kill lice. This kills the lice, helps loosen the adhesive on the nits or "chips" them. All brushes, hair combs and things used need to be put in hot water for twenty minutes. If wanted, it's possible for you to add rubbing alcohol.

7. Home remedies for head lice #7: Full Fat Mayonnaise

No, low fat material, this time or no diet purchase the complete fat mayo! Until every fibril is covered apply it liberally to the hair. Wrap the head in plastic wrap to maintain the mayo in and not on pillow or the sofa. Leave it on/in overnight and with coconut products, rather in the morning completely wash and state

8. Home remedies for head lice #8: Healing Oil Treatment

High in insecticide properties, antifungal, and anti bacterial that are natural sesame neem and seed oils are the foundation for this particular fixing oil treatment. Wisk together ten drops tea tree oil, 1/4 cup of sesame seed oil, rosemary essential oils, five drops each eucalyptus and  1/8 cup neem oil, and ten drops of lavender essential oils. Start by rinsing the hair with apple cider vinegar and let it dry (this will help dissolve the paste-like material produces by the nits). Implement treating oil treatment to scalp and the hair, cover with a shower cap, and leave-in for 6-8 hours or overnight. Utilize a fine toothed nit comb. Shampoo usually. Employ this treatment daily for five days to eradicate lice. Must read : How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House and Cellulite.

9. Home remedies for head lice #9: Apple Cider Vinegar + Coconut Oil

In this procedure, you rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar to loosen the adhesive that holds the nits set up. Enable the vinegar until the hair is totally dry, then coat the scalp as well as hair entirely with coconut or olive oil to suffocate the lice to sit down. Don't forget, the little buggers can hold their breath for quite a long time.

You've got the choice of shampooing to eliminate the oil, or combing the hair using a nit comb and washing when the time is up. You might need to shampoo to get out all the oil. Ensure that you wash and dry all of the towels and clean your comb out. Additionally throw any sheets/pillowcases which were slept on in the dryer for 20 minutes.

Pros: It is nontoxic, as well as your hair will likely be exceedingly good-conditioned when the procedure is over.

Disadvantages: The energetic lice will be killed by suffocation, but it does not change nits, so you've to do it once per week for three weeks. This works because lice do not lay eggs until they're about 10 days old, so you are removing their ability to copy, if you treat. Following the first treatment, two more treatments spaced a week should work.

10. Home remedies for head lice #10: Apply Petroleum Jelly

It can have a stifling influence on roaming lice and then apply a thick layer of this natural remedy to the scalp, after that cover your head with a shower cap. Leave it for about eight hours or overnight
In the early hours, use mineral oil or baby oil to remove the lice along with it, as well as the petroleum jelly. (One warning, however: it may take plenty of shampooing before you get all the petroleum jelly out

11. Home remedies for head lice #2: Listerine

Listerine antiseptic mouth wash is, in addition, quite powerful for killing lice and nits. Apply Listerine on hair and your own scalp. Leave it on for eight hours or overnight. Wash them together with your regular shampoo and comb your hair, next morning. Ways to Get Rid of Ants and How to Detox Your Body.

12. Home remedies for head lice #12: Other Possible Remedies

There are several folk remedies and other herbs which many people use for removing head lice, for instance, following:

  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Nigella Sativa
  • Neem Oil
  • Quassia tea

There's actually no harm in trying these out if you prefer, although the effectiveness of these treatments are unverified. Only do not get your expectations up.

I hope this article "How to Get Rid of Head Lice? Home Remedies for Head Lice" has been helpful, thank you for reading and good luck!

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How to Get Rid of Head Lice? Home Remedies for Head Lice
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